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Artists we've worked with

As an artistic event company, Luumi is dependent on artists and creatives in making unique experiences for the public to enjoy. This is why we aim to promote, seek out and support local artists. From music to fine arts to digital arts, Luumi wants to showcases all genres.

Octavious jones

Visual artist and sculptor:

Visual artist

joe carlo romero

Keyboard piano live music

jordan pistilli

Base guitar live

fred doston

Screenshot 2022-11-11 203940.png

Jonathan Martineau-denis

Screenshot 2022-11-11 205955.png

Gabe seamon

Graphic artist

nathan bayne

Visual artist and digital sculptor:

Musician drummer

joe enright

Guitarist musician

zacharie winter

montreal Jazz guitarist

Jeff lehberg

Screenshot 2022-11-11 205235.png

Cédrik Robert


Screenshot 2022-11-11 210217.png

Jérémie Gravel

Videographer, film maker:


Dave turner

Musician, saxophone:

Ex-La voix star: Briana Victoria

briana victoria

Jazz basist live performance


Screenshot 2022-11-11 205539.png

briana victoria

Filmmaker, photographer, videographer:

IMG_5324 - Copy-2.jpg

julien pascal delannoy

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